Segment Network Tool

For RCAT to run properly, the input stream network must be segmented into reaches of a specified interval. The Segment Network Tool segments an NHD network for input into the RCAT Project Builder.


The downloaded NHD network should be run through the NHD Network Builder before being input into the Segment Network Tool.



  • Select input stream network: Select the network to segment (this should be a cleaned up NHD network).
  • Select output file path: Specify a file path and name for the output segmented network.
  • Segmentation interval (in meters): Specify the segmentation interval. Segments of the output file will mostly be this length. The default is 300 meters.
  • Minimum segment length (in meters): Specify the minimum segment length. Segments smaller than this length will be merged with adjacent segments. The default is 50 meters.